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Star Wars’ original trilogy could be re-released in its theatrical form to prove once and for all HAN SHOT FIRST

Lucasfilm is pulling out the big guns (or should that be blasters?) for this year’s 40th anniversary of a little-known sci-fi franchise by the name of Star Wars. First there was that reveal of Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s name, then there was that pretty damn epic Star Wars Celebration poster and now there’s even talk of the Star Wars original trilogy being re-released in its, uhh, original form, untouched by George Lucas and those pesky computer effects.

MakingStarWars are reporting that the original trilogy will be coming, without any Lucas-approved alterations (I’m looking at you, CGI Hayden Christensen), in various formats to celebrate Star Wars’ 40th anniversary.

If you’re still angry about shoehorned changes such as Han not shooting first (sigh), removing Darth Vader’s eyebrows to maintain canon (seriously, look it up) and no more Ewok sing-song (ok, maybe that last one isn’t too bad), then hopefully you'll soon be able watch the original theatrical cuts in all of their glory.

Image: Lucasfilm

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