Spirit Trap review

Five students with dark secrets move into a derelict house. A mysterious clock starts ticking. They play with a ouija board. Oh, and before the clock hits midnight, somebody must die...

A risible "teen thriller", Spirit Trap is predictable tosh that would be more at home on afternoon telly. You could almost believe it was made by the old Children's Film Foundation - were it not for the mild gore, rampant drug use and abusive sexual practices. Adult trappings, maybe, but your average episode of Bob The Builder contains more suspense.

Still, the cast are fine: Billie Piper does her smiley Doctor Who thing; Luke Mably takes his top off and strops about; and Sam Troughton squeezes a trickle of juice out of his thankless expositionary role ("So, Billie, explain the plot to me again?"). Shame they have to fight their way through so many horror clichés.

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