Skate images roll in

Point your eyes down the page at one of the first imagesfrom SKATE, EA's Tony Hawk-rivalling skateboard title, which is set to hit PS3 and Xbox 360 next year. Hit the Images tab aboveto check out ten new screens.

The shots give you an idea of the bright, colorful look SKATE is aiming for, as well as the real-world inspired locations that'll be busy with real-world dangers, like roaring packs of traffic to skitch on.

With a "unique" control scheme that developer EA promises will capture the true feel of skating, in comparison to the "typical button mashing gameplay of past skating games" (no points for guessing the series that quote's aimed at) and a trick-busting mechanic that ought to produce a different looking flip, grab or move every time, SKATE already has us interested. Stick with GamesRadar for more info soon.

November 15, 2006