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RadioRadar+ Podcast 67: Fire Emblem Heroes and the trouble with backwards compatibility

The Big Topic: Fire Emblem Heroes is pretty good, actually

Further Discussion: Backwards compatibility and the games you should play before they disappear

What we’re into: Dissecting Zelda's totally unnecessary timeline

Let us hypnotize you with another week of fabulous video game discussion. Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo's latest mobile title, and we have our resident Fire Emblem expert Connor Sheridan walk us through it. We also talk about how Sony isn't doing enough to preserve its back catalog, and we share the games you should play before they get too hard to find. We also take a few minutes to talk about whether or not Zelda's timeline is necessary. (Spoiler: no, it's not)


Anthony John Agnello (@ajohnagnello)
David Roberts (@davidrobots)
Susan Arendt (@susanarendt)
Connor Sheridan (@c_sheridan)

Intro: "Inspiration" by BoxCat Games, used under CC 3.0

Outro: "Forever Believe" by Jason Shaw, used under CC 3.0

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