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PUBG player uses up their entire life's supply of good luck by winning while AFK

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (opens in new tab) (or PUBG, for short) matches are usually incredibly violent affairs - but that's expected with up to 100 players beating each other to a pulp, running each other over in vehicles, or blowing each other away with weapons. But a player going by the handle "Uzick" may have the latest, greatest pro strat: laying face-down in a dirty bathtub.

Uzick writes that they were "called to dinner in the middle of a game," and that they "decided to go afk in a random bathtub and hit the record button." One sped-up YouTube video later, and it looks like that turned out to be a legitimate strategy. Uzick was the last player standing. Er, laying down.

Now, that being said, PUBG rewards players no matter how poorly they perform. Not as much as skilled players who win with a bunch of kills, but still some. So the game's community is currently dealing with players who purposefully don't participate just so they can passively reap rewards. Strictly speaking this behavior is not against the rules, but it is generally frowned upon.

If you haven't played PUBG and are confused how this could happen (after all, even if you start with 100 players, at some point it's just 1v1, right?), here's the jist: while each match of PUBG starts with the entire map open to exploration, as time goes on the play area shrinks. So if you missed it the first time, watch the video and notice how the blue circle on the map keeps shrinking - if players stay outside that designated area for too long, they'll take damage over time and eventually die.

In other words, Uzick happened to pick just the right bathtub so that 1) nobody noticed them and killed them while they were away from the keyboard, and 2) the shrinking play area closed in around him instead of literally anywhere else on the map. I don't know if you believe in luck being a finite resource, but if so, I think Uzick used up their fair share.

PUBG has risen from semi-obscure newcomer to one of the most popular games in the industry in a very short time. That means lots of players are still trying to figure out its secrets and the best way to take advantage of its rules. You could do that too. Or, it turns out, you could just sit in one place the whole game.

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