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Panorama's game addiction special: The GamesRadar parody

SoPanorama, the BBC's investigativedocumentary series,is doingan edition (opens in new tab)centred around supposed cases ofgames addiction. And because the BBC wants people to watch it, it's put an advert out. Unfortunately, regardless of the content of the show itself, the ad is the worst kind of "games rot your children's souls" nonsense, full of woefully transparent, manipulative imagery designed to scare the living crap out of parents with thoughts of their innocent, sparkly-eyed young 'uns turning into the kind of slack-jawed, glassy-eyed deviants who eat live kittens and listen to Michael Bublé.

Basically, it's hilarious.And rather than being incensed, we saw it as a challenge to make an even more ridiculous version. You can judge whether we've succeeded in out-stupiding it just below.

The original version:

The new version:

Thinking of checking out Panorama next Monday on the strength of what you've seen here?

02 December 2010