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No 3DS games? No problem! Look how much fun we've had with the 3D camera...

Nintendo 3DS is the top console for having fun when you haven't bought any games to play on it. Why? Because not only doesthe lid open nicely, it comes with stacks of functionalitypre-loaded. The Augmented Reality titles like AR Shot and Face Raiders are entertaining in their own right, but it's the 'go nuts' ethos of the 3D camera that holds the most potential for fun.Especially when you can take snaps of Nintendo heroes running around your house. Which, surprisingly, is exactly what I've been doing...

Above: These AR cards are your passport to a load of fan-pleasing, built-in content

And, in true Blue Peter fashion, here are some I made earlier:

Above: GR's resident squirrel, Dexter, has found a shiny nut. I wouldn't try eating that one, bud

Above: Do do do dooo!

Above: RUUUN!!! You can toggle between three set sizes for characters for those Godzilla moments

Above: I'll be taking that, thank you very much. Link doesn't seem to want to let go of his sword

Above: For me? Why thank you! Hang on, haven't we seen this pose before?

Above: Tetra isn't impressed either.Nintendo really should have given us more useful poses...

Above: Aww, bless his yarny socks. Hang about... he's getting pen on the table!

Above: The 3D models are surprisingly detailed, allowing for extreme close-ups like this

Above: It's-a me! Mario! And I can fly like on the front of that-a game. You know, Flight Simulator X

Above: Meet-a my best buddy, Sonic. He's not worthy of his own AR card because-a he sucks

Above: "AAAARGH! MY FACE! It's melting. MELTING!" One for Reggie Fils-Aime...

Above: Actually, this isn't an AR shot. My phone always has Pikmin on it, which is why I never answer calls

Above: I was going to take this by the daffodils outside, but there was dog poo there. The wall will suffice

Above: I knew it!

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23 Mar, 2011

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