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New video shows PS4 shopping, sharing, playing

PlayStation 4 can be played entirely offline, but a new video from Sony teases the many social and convenience features you might miss out on. Watch a day in the life of your typical twenty-something guy who lives in a garage with his PS4 and HDTV.

Don't ask us why Brian thought someone who doesn't even own Killzone: Shadow Fall would be such a great help in multiplayer. At least Will was able to get into the action quickly by downloading the multiplayer first while browsing through the other titles the PS4 has to offer.

On top of easier shopping and sharing, friends will be able to give a virtual thumbs up to each other's actions. Finally, the recognition we deserve for pouring dozens of hours into Platinum Trophies!

What do you think of PS4's new interface? Will it match the decor of your live-in garage?

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