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Netflix signs exclusive deal with Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm & Pixar

Netflix US is getting a bit of an upgrade when it comes to exclusive content. From September onwards. The company has announced that it will be the "exclusive US pay TV home of the latest films from Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Pixar." There's already been Marvel and Disney films - and of course Netflix's Marvel TV shows - on the pay per month service but this is an official announcement that suggests some exceptionally good winter viewing. Unfortunately, this probably doesn't affect the UK as Now TV and Amazon Prime are big streaming contenders for both movies and TV. 

Other announcements include August as the release month of The Little Prince (which Netflix snared an exclusive deal on pre cinema release) and the September release of both Mascots and War Machine. These both fall under the Netflix Originals brand with the former starring Christopher Guest and the latter Brad Pitt in a "serio-comic" tale of the U.S military  in Afghanistan. 

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Image credit: Marvel

Louise Blain

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