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More posters for Titans and Iron Man 2

Our cup truly does runneth over today, with new posters revealed for two of the biggest films of 2010.

First up is Mickey Rourke as Whiplash in Iron Man 2 , looking (if we say so ourselves) pretty damn freaky, even though this is his character only mid-way towards transforming himself into Tony Stark's embittered nemesis...

Whiplash will be trying to teach the wealthy industrialist a lesson after having suffered from his (pre do-gooding Iron Man days) weapons sales.

It would seem that the trailer for Iron Man 2 has now officially been attached to Sherlock Holmes , too, so expect to see some more of this guy and his shiny, bendy lightsaber whips accompanying Victorian London on Boxing Day.

Next we have this flight of fancy for Clash of the Titans :

It's Perseus astride winged steed Pegasus, both of them straining so hard they look like they're at the final hurdle of an airborne Grand National. Or possibly fighting a Kraken or something.

And if that's not enough, check out this banner; even though we've seen these nasty critters before, it's still good-looking (well, the Sam Worthington part is):

That's far too much excitement for us to take today. We need a lie down. How are you doing? Tell us below...