Living Out Loud review

Judith (Hunter) is a nurse abandoned by her worthless husband after 16 years of marriage. Now free, she slips into fantasy as she tries to cope with the loneliness. Pat (DeVito) is the elevator operator in Judith's building who has suffered a personal tragedy of his own. After a chance meeting, they start helping each other to rebuild their lives.

This has got to be one of the unlikeliest romantic pairings of recent years. Think about it: DeVito and Hunter? Getting slushy on screen? No way. And yet this curiosity avoids cloying sentimentality and gets to the heart of the characters. It's more an intelligent tale about two damaged people finding (highly improbable) support in each other than it is about sticky love scenes. The lead roles are skilfully written and played with sensitivity, while the overall tone is refreshingly wry and humorous. Altogether an amusing, if inconsequential, feelgood flick.

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