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L.A. Noire five-star walkthrough and newspaper guide

Arson Case 5: A Different Kind of War

Newspaper 12Investigation: Nuclear Bug & Rodent ControlInvestigation: Westlake Pest ControlInvestigation: Dr. Fontaine's SurgeryNewspaper 13Investigation: Rancho Rincon BunkhouseThe final chase

Newspaper 12

Start by heading out to Rapid Exterminators.You won't get anything useful out of the clerk, but look on the counter for the second-to-last newspaper.

Investigation: Nuclear Bug & Rodent Control

Just for the sake of completeness, head to Nuclear and talk to the clerk for another dead end.

Investigation: Westlake Pest Control

Finally,visit Westlake Pest Control, and you'll get an address for your arson suspect.

Investigation: Dr. Fontaine's Surgery

On your waythrough the surgery, keep an eye out for this cupboard just outside the office proper.

Open it, and you'll find what appears to be the remaining stash of Army-issue morphine.

Next, head into the office and check the body.

Start by examining Fontaine's head to see the injuries caused by his patient.

Next, check his left hand for a lighter with the initials "I.H."

Once you're done pawing at the doctor, look at the floor over by his bookshelf.

There, you'll find a crystal ball. Rotate it to get a good look at the splotch of blood.

Put the crystal ball down and head over to the table by the door, where you'll find a case folder.

Start out by tapping on Leland and Dr. Fontaine's names on the note at the front of the file.

Then, turn the page and tap on the Sawyer name, conveniently circled in red.

Finally, flip to the back of the report and read the psychiatric evaluation of the arson suspect.

Next, turn your attention to Dr. Fontaine's desk, where you'll find a map sitting on alarge sketchpad.

Move the map and use the charcoal pencil next tothe sketchpadto reveal a hidden drawing.

Next, grab the newspaper next to the sketchpad and superimpose the drawing you just made over itto reveal a clue.

Then, do the same with the map.

Newspaper 13

Before you leave the office, check the edge of Fontaine's desk for the next - and final - newspaper.

Investigation: Rancho Rincon Bunkhouse

After letting yourself in through the front door, check the workbench along the entry hall for a military-issue flamethrower.

Next, head into the room with all the origami cranes, and examine the map on the wall.

Next, look to the right on the workbench, and examine the crane you find there.

After that, turn around and look on the corner of this table for a folded square of paper that, when unfolded, reveals another Elysian Fields vacation flyer.

Finally, check the photo on the wall by the door for one last clue.

The final chase

Since you won't actually be graded at the end of this case, feel free to cause as much damage as possible, even though most of it will inevitably be toyour (easily wrecked) pursuers. Keep up with Kelso and make it to the river, and the chase will be over.

After that, there's justmorelong action sequence between you and the finale, which shouldn't be too difficult so long as you can keep from getting shot to pieces. Blast your way through it (making sure to try out the flamethrower you'll find in the service tunnels along the way), and enjoy the ending.

May 30, 2011

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