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Introducing Super Mario Week

Gaming is full of famous names, be they of the real or fictitious sort. There's Master Chief, Ratchet, David Jaffe, Cloud, Andrew Ryan, Peter Molyneux, GLaDOS, John Marston - all fine and well, but there's clearly one name that commands more respect than the rest.


Famous the world over, Mario is synonymous with video games. He's starred in some of the biggest hits over the last 30 years, from the arcade classic Donkey Kong to the gravity-defying Super Mario Galaxy. He's launched systems. He's defined genres. He's headlined events. He's saved princesses. Isn't it obvious why we'd dedicate a whole week to that extraordinary plumber?

Monday marks the beginning of Super Mario Week. We'll be posting multiple features on the mustachioed man, celebrating his history, sharing insights, recounting his best moments, and even counting down his greatest triumphs.

Look for images with the little Mario on the top right (as in the image above), or bookmark this page to get all the Mario goodness you can handle. Let's-a go!