How to get better at StarCraft II without playing

Blizzard hasn’t released very many of its official Battle Report videos – and a lot has changed in the current multiplayer beta since they were first released. But what they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality. Each Battle Report stars incredibly skilled players, ensuring that you get to see a good mix of units and advanced tactics in battles that always seesaw back and forth.

The commentary is also topnotch, with useful details from StarCraft II’s lead designer, Dustin Browder, and Blizzard’s Esport member, Robert Simpson. If you haven’t seen any yet, check out the videos below for some of the most exciting StarCraft II battles available, or click here for transcripts of each Battle Report and high-resolution versions for download. Even though many units and abilities have changed since these Battle Reports were published, they’re still great fun to watch as they always feature amazing players who are on top of their game.

Notice how players of these levels start going at it right from the start, aggressively using their gatherer units to scout, harass, and block build orders while they continue to manage on the macro level, building new structures and pumping out new units.

Above: Part 1 of Battle Report 4. Notice how the Terran player uses the high ground to his advantage on the revised version of the classic SC1 map, Lost Temple

Above: Nukes, Thors, and Psionic storms come into play in the finale of this intense battle

Mar 9, 2010

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