How to get better at StarCraft II without playing

Since StarCraft II’s multiplayer beta started, HDStarCraft has been posting amazing replay videos on YouTube in 1080p. You’ll sometimes hear the humble fan say that he’s not very good at the game and that his commentary skills need work. We’re going to have to disagree. HDStarCraft is an excellent player and his commentaries are brilliant.

He has many pearls of wisdom to share in each of his videos, which are full of helpful tips, strategies, and useful explanations on how the sequel has changed since the original StarCraft. Most importantly, his commentaries manage to make each match he posts truly exciting to watch. For StarCraft junkies, they’re almost as much fun to watch as playing the actual game. Seriously, check out his videos by visiting his YouTube channel or website. If you like what you see, you can support his ongoing project by sending him a donation.

Above: Part 1 of an incredibly exciting Zerg-versus-Zerg match on Blistering Sands with excellent commentary by HDStarCraft

Above: The thrilling conclusion to HDStarCraft’s most recent ZvZ battle

Above: Part 1 of an epic two-versus-two battle where HDStarCraft and his teammate manage to pull off an impressive comeback after suffering heavy losses

Above: The match continues and HDStarCraft’s team continues to make the most of their situation as they attempt to recover while stalling their opponents’ economy

Above: The tide turns. See the conclusion to one of the biggest comebacks since the StarCraft II beta went live