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Homefront: The Revolution trailer shows you the tools of urban guerrilla warfare

First-person shooter fans are no strangers to being outgunned and outnumbered by their enemies. Unlike charging into a room full of cacodemons, Homefront: The Revolution wants to put players in the guerrilla mindset, with a focus on planning, misdirection, and dirtbike escape plans (definitely don't forget the dirtbike escape plan). And lots of weapon mods and gadgets, too, since this is still a shooter, darn it.

I want one of those Distraction Tools for the next time a canvasser flags me down in public. That KPA soldier is standing a few feet away from our Resistance hero and actively shooting at him, and the soldier still turns around and runs back to check it out. "Excuse me sir, who are you planning on voting - oh wow what's that thing?"

Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios plan to release Homefront: The Revolution on May 17, whereupon you can dismantle the oppressive KPA regime in a Far Cry-style open world and, more importantly, try to identify the narrator's accent.

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Connor Sheridan
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