Historias Minimas review

Located way down south of Buenos Aires, southern Patagonia makes a striking, stark setting for this Spanish-language comedy-drama. When retired store-owner Don Justo (Antonio Benedictis) hears that his long-lost mutt has been spotted 200 miles away, he gives his patronising relatives the slip and hits the road. Meanwhile, travelling salesman Roberto (Javier Lombardo) is on his way to see the widow he fancies, and young mum María (Javiera Bravo) has just won a place on a TV gameshow called Multicoloured Casino.

This trio of interweaving tales may not have the verve and vigour to be the next Amores Perros, but Carlos Sorin's fourth film in 18 years is witty, warm and wry. Don Justo's tale is touching, not treacly, while Roberto's share of the movie just keeps getting funnier. While at the heart of María's yarn is a subtle dig at how the goggle box manufactures false aspirations.

Beautifully performed by a cast low on experience but high on talent - - even the dog carries off his role like an old pro - - Historias Minimas deserves to be seen.

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