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Here's a first look at Netflix's Punisher in full costume

There’s a new trailer for The Defenders and, while it recycles old footage from previous trailers and the heroes’ standalone shows, it’s got a few brand-new elements to bring to the table. Firstly, Stan Lee makes an appearance (probably his longest ever in the MCU) narrating the trailer with a stirring speech and, if you wait right ‘til the end, you’ll catch a glimpse of The Punisher…

The trailer is pretty standard fare, but Stan Lee elevates it to greatness. It’s easy to forget, when caught in a whirlwind of crossovers and mega-events, that these characters come from humble roots. Thankfully, Stan the Man is here to remind us.

Once the awesome foursome of Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Daredevil, and Luke Cage get their due, The Punisher (literally) steps out of the shadows. “Looks like I got here just in time,” Frank Castle growls. He’s even taken time out to craft his iconic skull get-up, which looks very fetching on Jon Bernthal.

Entertainment Weekly even went as far as to confirm The Punisher’s appearance was a lead-in to his own show this year and that he won’t be appearing in The Defenders. That’s probably for the best. Give the show room to breathe, and give Frank time to get locked and loaded.

Image: Marvel/Netflix

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