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Grey's Anatomy: The Video Game review

Will turn your gray matter into sludge


  • Like WarioWare meets Trauma Center
  • Balances surgery and drama
  • Imitates good games at least


  • Unchallenging surgery minigames
  • Bizarre
  • dull drama minigames
  • No proper actor likenesses

Like your doctors beautiful, rife with sexual politics, and invasive surgery tinged with witty banter? Then watch the TV show; this game’s a disaster. Blending soap opera and surgery, both sides of the doctor coin are dire minigame affairs. The ultra-simple ops are too bitty to hold any challenge – like WarioWare meets Trauma Center. When kidney transplants remind you of GTA’s hotwiring, something’s gone wrong.

Emotional bits, on the other hand, are literal representations of moral dilemmas. Wafting away clouds of doubt with the stylus and dumping lovers by tearing them out of photos would be endearingly dumb if it wasn’t so limp. Not even the pretty faces remain; Dr. Bailey morphs into a squat Yoda figure and lovely Izzie Stevens looks like a victim of botched plastic surgery. Our diagnosis? Dead on arrival.

Apr 16, 2009

More Info

DescriptionThis patient was dead on arrival, as it plays like a terrible mash-up of Trauma Center and WarioWare.
PlatformDS, Wii, PC
US censor ratingTeen
UK censor rating12+
Release date4 March 2009 (US), 13 March 2009 (UK)