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Glee creator remaking Rocky Horror?


Rocky Horror Picture Show may be the longest running cinematic release ever thanks to popular midnight screenings - and hence perhaps the most profitable musical to boot.

But the remake wand takes no prisoners, and is currently hovering in its direction.

Deadline are reporting that Fox 2000 has its sights set on crafting a modern reboot of the cult classic, and they have the perfect man for the job – Glee creator Ryan Murphy.

Currently making his very own Rocky Horror -themed episode for the musical TV extravaganza (above), Fox are clearly taking that as gospel that Murphy would love to direct a remake of the 1975 movie.

Coming off this summer’s box office success Eat Pray Love , Murphy may well now have the film bug – though running a show is notoriously time consuming.

Will he do the time warp again? Though the temptation may be too great, if Murphy really is as much of a musical fan as we suspect he is, he’ll know to leave this reboot well enough alone.