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Get a Fortnite PS4, extra controller and 12 months of PS Plus - all for FREE with this Virgin mobile deal

Get a Fortnite PS4, extra controller and 12 months of PS Plus all for free with this Virgin mobile deal
(Image credit: Sony)

There's a lot to consider when signing up for a new mobile contract, particularly if you're hunting down the best phone for gaming. How much data does it come with? Will it be cheaper to buy the handset separately? Does it come with £250's worth of PS4 console, a 12 month PS Plus subscription, an extra wireless controller, Fortnite outfits, and 2000 V-bucks? As I'm sure you'll agree, this is at the forefront of everyone's mind. Luckily enough, Virgin's scratching that very, very specific itch with a new deal that gives you all of the above, a Sony Xperia 10, and 100GB of data for just £24 a month. Which is a steal, by the way.

The handset is not a world-beater but its no slouch either. It's Qualcomm processor and 3GB of RAM are plenty for all everyday uses of mobiles, apart from perhaps the most intense mobile gaming, and its 64GB of storage will cater for almost everyone by default - even though the Xperia 10 can house an external SD card if need be. Useful. Team this solid handset with the extras you get, plus the mega data allowance, and this is a very tempting bundle indeed.

Sony Xperia 10 64GB mobile phone + 100GB of data + PS4 500GB Fortnite bundle + extra DualShock 4 controller + 12 months PS Plus | just £24 per month from Virgin
A great bundle if you're in need of an upgrade now. The deal starts with a 1GB data allowance for £20 a month too, by the way.View Deal

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