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Geo Hunters: an iPhone RPG set in your backyard

The app reads your GPS location and pulls in satellite pictures from Google Maps to put in the background. The game itself is a fantasy RPG in which you must defeat swaths of monsters - right in your neighborhood. Defeated monsters are added to your collection, but be careful, as other players can steal them.

Geo Hunters also connects online to scan the latest news headlines and identify what areas around the globe are dominating the top stories. Players are able to travel to those areas and attack the monstrous force to restore peace.

And finally, if players run or jog while carrying their iPhone, their in-game character will become healthy and strong.

"We wanted to create a mobile game that combines actual geography with fantasy, while creating a community of engaged competitive players. GEO Hunters has all these qualities, giving great replay value to players," explained Dr. Hyun Oh Yoo, CEO of Geo Hunter's development company YD Online.

We haven't tried it, so we can't say from experience whether or not it's worth your time, but it sure sounds neat, don't it?

Mar 30, 2011