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Game music of the day: Silver Surfer

Game: Silver Surfer

Song: Track 01

Composer: Tim Follin, Geoff Follin

Above: Track 01 from Silver Surfer

By now you should have recovered from the soul-shredding awesomeness that isSolstice, but before those wounds can truly heal I must once again summon Tim Follin to rend the flesh from your bones - with music, of course.Tim (and brother Geoff) are behind some of the very best NES music, and in the case of Silver Surfer, salvage a game that's otherwise utter garbage.

There aren't names or designations to the Surfer songs, as they play across various stages. But the moment I heard this particular piece, it hit me so hard my shadow waspermanantly fused to my bedroom wall. This is beyond what anyone else was doing on the NES, both in technical prowess and quality of arrangement. It's a pity the game was impossibly difficult and ugly as hell, because a soundtrack this good belongs on a similarly amazing product.

Above: The second you turn on the game - BAM - this title screen music kicks you in the nuts

Above: Angry Video Game Nerd's immensely accurate critique

So yeah, the game itself is criminally awful. Like, one of the worst things that's ever been put in a cardboard box. But the music is outrageous and a must-listen for anyone who enjoys game music or just strong electronic compositions in general. Effing ace.

Main Theme by Koji Kondo and Mahito Yokota

Dance-y beats from Jon Holland

More awesomeness from Tim Follin