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Game music of the day: Mystic Towers

Game: Mystic Towers
Song: "Baldric Fun"
Composers: Steven Baker

Above: "Baldric Fun" from Mystic Towers

Aw, hell yeah, it's Mystic Towers! Australian developer Animation F/X created this DOSaction-puzzle game, which was distributed internationally by Apogee Software. You can even still download the shareware versionfrom 3D Realms, because they're weird like that.

Above: What do you mean you have no idea what this is?!

The music is mentioned as two of the game's features: "Digital soundtrack with simultaneous sound effects" and "Atmospheric music and sound effects." That's because the music kicks ass, especially for a 1994 DOS game at a time whenour ears were mostly being spit at by MIDI. This 'aint MIDI, bitch! Animation F/X was using MOD - that's four channels and fifteen instruments of joyous digital jammin'!

And while we're on the subject of 3D Realms-published DOS games, let's hear a track fromTerminal Velocity, yet another little-known '90s game. Terminal Velocityisthe kind of action flight sim no one is making anymore (WHY?!), andlike Mystic Towers, it features a digital soundtrack. While themusicisn't quite notable enough to warrant its own GMotD, it's still sweet. Though it does sound a lot like Nine Inch Nails, which can be said for most '90s DOS game music.

Above: "Tame" from Terminal Velocity

Oh wait, one more track, but only because the fellas' at developer Terminal Reality completelyborrowed 2Unlimited's obnoxious-as-hell"Get Ready For This."

Above: "Mark" from Terminal Velocity

Oct 13, 2010

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Ending theme by Ryoji Yoshitomi

Anthem and Another Winter by Anamanaguchi

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