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Game Music of the Day: Mirror's Edge

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August 20, 2010

Game: Mirror’s Edge
Song: Still Alive
Composers: Lisa Miskovsky, Arnthor Birgisson and Rami Yacoub

Any type of game music can be worthwhile, and those that experienced the entire soundtrack to the amazing and amazingly underplayed Mirror’s Edge know how great its ambient, electronic soundscapes were. But in my old age (27 going on 60) I might hear the music as I’m playing, but I don’t really listen. No, I’m too busy getting angry at some puzzle or mentally composing my grocery list. However, once a game reaches its climax I’m all ears, which is when I heard and listened to Still Alive, the magnificent ending theme to Mirror’s Edge.

Swedish developers EA DICE tapped Lisa Miskovsky, a Swedish singer, to sing the stirring melody over the game’s credits. Lisa’s previous claim to fame in the English-speaking world was co-writing the song Shape of My Heart for the Backstreet Boys, which I’m sure is in your iPod playlist at all times. When Still Alive hit in 2008 it was a modest hit on both the Swedish and UK charts.

Above: Here’s the ending for those too lazy to enjoy something awesome *SPOILERS*

The game’s sweet ending, including the only first-person hugging I can recall, was made all the sweeter by the song, reminding the player that protagonist Faith had survived her terrible ordeal. It also made a nice compliment to one of the too few major games with a female star being wrapped up with a ballad by a strong woman. And lastly, you’ve got to give DICE credit for having the balls to create an ending song called Still Alive for a first-person game less than a year after Portal.

Aug 20, 2010

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