Five review

Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami is at his most minimalist in this lyrical tribute to the late Japanese filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu. Shot on digital video in extended takes, Five consists of a quintet of short films, which all unfold by an unnamed seashore. There is no traditional narrative or even any dialogue here; instead the camera hypnotically gazes on details: a piece of driftwood is buffeted by the waves, people walk across a promenade, dogs gather on a beach, a column of ducks waddle across the frame, a pond's surface is illuminated by moonlight during a stormy night...

Contrary to first impressions, this isn't a work of documentary. It's actually an artfully constructed version of reality, which is accompanied by an orchestrated soundtrack of noises from nature. Adjust to Five's seeming lack of action and its contemplative rhythms, and one has the pleasure of seeing and hearing the world anew.


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