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Fallout 4 has 'great controls' on Vita thanks to ex-Destiny designer, Bethesda says

No family events need tear you away from the Commonwealth this holiday season. Bethesda confirmed that it has Remote Play running for Fallout 4 on PS4 and, better yet, someone with a track record for making console shooters play well on Vita is on the job.

Network connection issues aside, PS4 games have an inconsistent record for Remote Play controls; two fewer shoulder buttons and non-clickable analog sticks can lead to some Frankenstein touch/button input monsters. Fortunately, ex-Bungie designer Josh Hamrick is working on Fallout 4's Remote Play controls. If you've ever played Destiny on Vita, you already know why that's good news.

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Through a combination of locational touch inputs (and cleverly capitalizing on the D-Pad down button's proximity to the left analog stick), Hamrick helped make Destiny's intense shooting action way more manageable on Vita than it had any right to be. Fallout 4 finally feels like a real shooter, so hopefully Hamrick can ensure it plays just as well away from the TV - heading off countless holiday meltdowns as family members jockey for control of the big screen.

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