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EXCLUSIVE: iPad works better in the bathroom!

So we’ve been playing withthe iPad today,and the thing is yieldingextremely mixed opinions around the office. I was personally bitching up a storm about the tilt controls, specifically those in Need For Speed: SHIFT. Given the size of the iPad's screen, NFS: SHIFT almostdemands you stand up just to allot enough space to pivot the ENTIRE device.Could youcallthe tilt-steering disorienting?

Above: Yes. Ridiculously disorienting!

We didn’t feel those static Apple trailers,with their blink-and-you’ll-miss-it glimpses of gameplay,accurately showcased how the game plays. And since Apple doesn’t provide professional capture equipment (to us, anyway,) we resorted to the only option we had: Filming the gameplay in the bathroom mirror!

Surprise, surprise... I excelled atNFSafter I held it intoa reflective surface. Providedyou cantune out the smell andsymphony of tinkle sounds, the game's pretty badass.Man, I sure had my doubts about the iPad, but just like George Michael, the thing truly shines brightestonce you get it in a public bathroom!

Apr 5, 2010

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