Enter World War III

Desktop generals have been treated to some spectacular new RTS games recently.But despite the successes of Supreme Commander and Command %26amp; Conquer 3, we haven%26rsquo;t seen anything that will really push the strategic warfare genre forward - past bigger maps, larger numbers of units, and better visuals - until now.

Enter Tom Clancy%26rsquo;s EndWar, Ubisoft%26rsquo;s latest stab at injecting something new into the diet of micromanagers. %26ldquo;It%26rsquo;s %26lsquo;real-time%26rsquo; and it%26rsquo;s %26lsquo;strategy,%26rsquo; but it%26rsquo;s not like a PC RTS,%26rdquo; said developer, Ubisoft at a recent press event. And it%26rsquo;s true. Despite its RTS elements of resource management and selection of rock-paper-scissors units - that are strong against some while weak against others - EndWar looks like one of those rare games that dares to carve its own path through the medley of %26ldquo;me too%26rdquo; reiterations of classic RTS gameplay with visual makeovers.