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End your week with a smile at this montage of videogame characters running

It's a little-known cinematic fact (read: some director commentaries don't mention it) that since filmmakers learned editing, “heading from left to right” has been unspoken visual shorthand for “going on an heroic journey.” By that rationale, this montage – simply and appropriately titled “Go Right” – packs more pixellated heroism than several dozen “gruff man explodes aliens” trailers combined (via AV Club). Have you sent all these characters Going Right?

Plenty of you doubtless have old-time consoles packed away somewhere. We like to hope this clip might see you dusting them off, hooking them up, finding the plugs are all wrong, heading down to Radio Shack for an adapter, hooking your consoles up again... then fondly returning to the days when the first thing to go on a joypad was the “Right” button, from all that heroism. However your weekend's looking, we hope it Goes Right.