Embarrassing game magazine covers

There can’t be categories for everything in this world, sadly. And it’d be a damn shame to waste these wonderfully bizarre covers from yesteryear… so we’ll send you out with some of our favorite mag covers that practically defy description.

Above: Once you read the list of games highlighted in the issue, this nightmarish cover starts to make more sense

Above: Here we see a crossover cover depicting an argument that never took place

Above: Does anybody under 18 recognize these would-be PlayStation mascots?

Abover: No, no. Go ahead and play down your first look at Street Fighter for crap starring a soda pitchman

Above: The original 3G: Grass, games, and Gear

Above: C’mon, is this even a game?

Above: Again with the Dinos? Apparently, Sega’s “next big thing” was time travel

Above: In all fairness, this was somehow the official box art for Zombies Ate My Neighbors stateside

Above: The new face of graphic adventures is a Tomb Raider key?

Above: It’s almost unfair to purport such awesomeness in an Atari magazine!

Above: Okay, this is probably just illegal

Thanks to Rey at VGMuseum, the Game Informer cover archive, Magweasel, the archivists at Retromags.netand anyone else I may’ve stolen images from.

Jun 29, 2010

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