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Elektra review

Not content with opening a can of whup-ass on Ben Affleck in so-so comic book outing Daredevil, rising star Jennifer Garner ditches the boyfriend and squeezes into her very own red leather costume in a lame spin-off that must have sounded a dead cert on paper. Reprising her role as curvaceous killer vixen Elektra, Garner gets to slink around in bondage gear while protecting the life of teenager Abby (Kirsten Prout), a martial arts prodigy being chased by a bunch of bargain-basement super-villains.

So far, so Marvel-ous. Struck by the novelty of a female superhero, though, helmer Rob Reign Of Fire Bowman can't decide whether he's making a comic-book movie or a touchy-feely chick flick, letting the lithesome action sequences get fatally bogged down by the yak-happy script. In the end, the ever-lovely Garner's all dressed up with nowhere to go - - except straight to video.

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