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E3 2010: Mortal Kombat's excessive gore - uncut

You might recall that the aforementioned trailer ended with Kung Lao about to pull a deeply unfortunate Sub-Zero over a rapidly-spinning bladed hat, thereby turning him into a two-for-one Sub-Zero special offer. Being a big tease (and probably having to deal with all sorts of inconvenient legalities), the trailer cut off at that point. But via this footage from an E3 presentation, we can now bring you all of it. Trust us, MK is raising the bar this time. Then slamming it through someone's eye socket and twisting it around until their skull breaks open.

So what do you reckon? Interest piqued in MK again? Are you a die-hard fan currently whooping with excitement? Do you need to see more of its much-vaunted deeper gameplay to decide if it can compete? Or will Street Fighter always just be plain better? Let us know in the comments, or shout loudly at our thriving social portals onFacebookandTwitter.