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E3 2010: Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light E3 Trailer

That%26rsquo;s right, you may%26rsquo;ve heard that the DS is getting a new Final Fantasy game that, for once, isn%26rsquo;t a retrofitted port from the days of 16-bit. If that sounds too advantageous for you "Numbered Series Only!" purists, know this: The developers of the above and beyond FFIII and IV remakes are also the folks crafting this little standalone effort that Squeenix fiends won%26rsquo;t be able to get anywhere else. Have a look at the game in motion.

What say you: Epically adorable or MySims: RPG?Tyler Nagata didn%26rsquo;t think much of the story synopsis, but we%26rsquo;ll go ahead and file the Crown Job System and cooperative multiplayer under %26ldquo;Exciting Newness!%26rdquo; Expect to hear much more next week as we jet off to some little event known in some circles as %26ldquo;E3 2010.%26rdquo;

Above: Fours protagonists, each more unlikely than thelast!

Jun 9, 2010