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E3 2010: Exclusive new Old Republic vids bring the in-game sexy

And today, we've got even more, this time showing in-game footage. And it's pretty damn pretty indeed. First up is a vid showing armour progression for the Bounty Hunter class (who you know you're all gagging to play), showing the varying stages along the way to becoming a fully-plated up badass Boba-botherer. The second shows off some of the various ship types you can captain, both inside and out, and yes, we already want several. Real ones. Yesterday.

And we think wewe're begining todetect a weird Street Fighter connection throughout these recent bits of Old Republic media. If you remember, there was a definite Hadoken moment in the last trailer, and if we're not very much mistaken you'll find something very similar to a Shoryuken in one of these. Go on,watch away and find it.

Bounty Hunter armour progression

Player ships

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