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Does Wii Fit work?

GR: After years of experience, do you take offense to the game calling you a newcomer?
Sally: Yes! Totally!

GR: How do your feet feel about the Board after the exercises?
Sally: It just seemed weird that you had to stay in one spot trying not to wiggle or get off. On a mat, it’s totally different. You don’t always have to stand shoulder width apart for every asana [pose]. Some change with foot distance… so it was a very strange feeling. Also, it’s alright in class to play around with the pose. Sometimes you have to fail and surrender to the pose to know what body part has to work on it next time. It’s part of the process.

GR: What about the music? New Wave-y enough?
Sally: Don’t remember it at all (and I love music). It could be more ambient and relaxing with more bell tones. Maybe more India influences, although I’m sure that would drive people nuts. But it could be better.

GR: You saw how Wii Fit emphasizes taking your time and working out properly. On the other hand, the “game” aspect rewards you by the time you’ve spent playing with new, unlockable exercises. Is there a danger to that reward system? Or is that a healthy incentive to keep playing?
Sally: People could push themselves and possibly injure themselves. Even with DVD’s, it’s better to have an instructor there to help with proper alignment with the pose. The whole game concept is very weird to me.

GR: Would you recommend these exact poses for children?
Sally: For kids, I’m really not sure about any of it. Older kids, yes. And adults too.

GR: Does Wii Fit do it for you? Would you play it again? Or would you tell Nintendo to suck it?
Sally: No. No. And yes on the suck it part!

Namaste, readers.

May 23, 2008