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DC Universe Online: We talk post-launch with Jim Lee and Marv Wolfman

GR: DCUO has a quest featuring a battle between the Titans and Trigon. Given your history with those characters, did you help write that section and provide any insight?

MW: I have no idea of the percentages, but I wrote tons of missions, including several with the Titans, and with Trigon, Raven and other characters I originally created. But I didn’t put them in because of that; they were already listed to be in the game. Obviously my knowledge of the characters helped but no more than my general DC knowledge helped focus a lot of the game.

GR: Speaking of things you’ve written, as the author of Barry Allen’s death scene, how do you feel now that he’s returned and even appears in DCUO? Any relief to no longer be known as the man who “killed” the Flash?

MW: I was never the man who killed the Flash since I was better known as the man who killed Supergirl. But Flash is back, and so is Kara. So I’m just the guy who killed Terra (and nobody bring her back!!).

GR: You have any interest in incorporating recent DC storylines like Blackest Night, Return of Bruce Wayne, or War of the Supermen into the game? Do those or any others strike you as particularly fitting for a video game?

MW: These things aren’t up to me, but they would be great game starting points. If the DCUO team asks me to work on them I’d jump at the chance.

GR: I heard Geoff Johns also wrote for DCUO. Did you two work together at all? And given both of your histories with Green Lantern, do you think the Lanterns will have a bigger role in later installments?

MW: Geoff worked on the Brainiac concepts as well as the overall Luthor from the future storyline before I got involved. He was mostly off the game and onto other stuff by the time I was called in. But Geoff and I are friends, so of course we spoke about it. As for the Lantern Corps… well, keep playing.

GR: Speaking of possible expansions, is there any part of the insanely dense DC Multiverse you want to see get more exposure in DCUO? The Fourth World, Earth-2, the 31st Century or even Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth?

MW: I’d love to see both Kirby’s 4th World as well as the world of the Legion explored more.

GR: Looking at the future of DC games in general, is there a hero you think is deserving of a solo game on the level of Batman: Arkham Asylum?

MW: Superman certainly does. Green Lantern. Flash. Wonder Woman would be an incredible game that I’d love to do. I even have an idea for one. Pretty much every DC hero except maybe Congo Bill. Although Congorilla could be way cool.

GR: Finally, here’s a questions for the real comic fans: Any new info on the planned Titans graphic novel with George Perez?

MW: George and I are finished. All 120 pages are done. Lettering is done. Inking and coloring are being worked on. So it’s very close.

GR: Thanks!

Mar 17, 2011

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