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Crayon Shin-chan: Arashi O Yobu - Neandororon Daihenshi [import] review

We wish this freakiness would come out over here


  • Lots of ass on display
  • Generous helpings of nuttiness
  • Cool stylus special moves


  • Fairly standard platforming
  • Language barrier
  • Bizarre humor not for everyone

What a load of ass. No, really – there’s loads of ass on show in this, the second Shin-Chan to appear on DS (in Japan at least). Our ‘hero’, Shin-Chan of the title, barely needs an excuse to bare his buttocks and wiggle them at us. Honestly, who wouldn’t fire a laser ray weapon from their bum crack instead of holding it in their hands?

Anyway, as with the previous game this is a fairly standard platformer at heart – dash through shortish levels, collect stars and fight bosses – but with generous helpings of nuttiness at every turn. Shin-Chan has a number of stylus-and D-pad-activated moves at his disposal, including rolling himself up in a ball and twisting himself around poles to climb them.

More entertaining is when he takes control of the numerous vehicles that are needed to complete the levels – a toboggan to tackle a snowy level one minute, a tank that fires water shells to combat a fiery level the next, and so on. It’s definitely one of the better DS platformers and is easy to get to grips with despite the language barrier.

Apr 22, 2009

More Info

DescriptionThis Japan-only platformer based on the scatological anime series Crayon Shin-chan is filled with great platforming, and features many humorously unique, ass-based powers.