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Capcom says Resident Evil 7's Bedroom DLC goes beyond the tech of the main game

If you've played the Resident Evil 7 Bedroom DLC, you might've noticed it feels a bit … different from the rest of the game. Marguerite seems extra creepy and you have new options for inventory management. According to game director Koshi Nakanishi, that's because the tech and creation process goes beyond what the team could add in the main game.

"In terms of game system, we were able to go further with the item interaction system from the main game where you check and combine items, use shadows and so on. Since the main game was done and dusted, we could put that experience to use in creating 'Bedroom,'" Nakanishi said (via translator). "The same goes for VR - having Marguerite’s face and eyes track the player’s head movements really makes her feel so alive."

Marguerite herself also got some extra love, as the team acted out what they thought she should behave like. "In order to develop the desired performance for Marguerite before the motion capture sessions, team members made pre-visualisation videos of themselves as the characters," Nakanishi said, pointing out one developer who "really got into the role."

Contributions like this, Nakanishi said, are "part of why Marguerite feels so vivid in the DLC." It is also why my nightmares tonight will be so vivid in my mind.

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