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Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation DLC Guide - Call of the Dead


Complete Map:


There's not a whole lot going on outside the hotel at the northern edge.


In case anyone wants to step out for some fresh air, though, you have a pretty good shotbecause this door is the only way out.


Since this is an indoor map, there are walls all over the place, but also a lot of doors so watch out.

B3 - Lower Level

There are elevators in a few spots of this map, and the entire building is two stories so this is very much a battle where you'll have to look up or down as much as you are watching your back.

B3 - Upper Level

The upper level is generally safer, but things are tricky because there are all sorts of doors so it's difficult to find that little hole where you can hide.


In the middle, there are some outdoor areas.


The outside middle area is the best place if you're looking for a little hideaway to take a break. Much of the inside area is nothing but wall-to-wall vulnerabilities.


Keep in mind this area to the south of the hotel, as it's easy to overlook but can provide a tactical advantage in storming the hotel casino.

D3 - Lower Level

The lower level of the southern edge of the hotel is a very open space, and there is no openings between the upper and lower levels, so even though it's tough to watch everything going on around you, know that there's no risk of an overhead shot.

D3 - Upper Level

On the upper level, there's nothing too noteworthy. The large doorways make this a poor choice for stealth attacks.