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Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation DLC Guide - Call of the Dead


Complete Map:



This northwest corner of the battlefield has a nice storage room (or something) that can be used as a handy hiding spot since entrances are kept to a minimum.


Head to this handy alcove and take down the enemies below. They won't know what hit 'em.


There isn't a lot in this quadrant. Avoid it, especially since this area makes you vulnerable to the elevated platform in B2.


From the corner of B4, you can see a fair amount of action as multiple paths converge here, so it might come in handy, but note because of the openness of this area you are also vulnerable.


Note all of the buildings in this section of the map. Be very cautious when running through this, the middle of the map, as you have a lot of blind spots around here.


One of the many buildings in the "C" quadrants of the map, this room in the middle of C2 is one of the most secure. Stand here and you might be able to surprise unsuspecting players as they roam through.


Note that all of these very open windows make the "C" area of the map very dangerous, and also difficult to stage a stealthy attack.


Near the eastern edge of the map, there are more walls anda bit more security. Plus, check out the cool animal statues!


C5, the entrance to the zoo, is safe but you likely won't see a lot of action here.


Avoid these animal pens because you are totally exposed from behind in this area.