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Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation DLC Guide - Call of the Dead

Stockpile (Continued)


You won't find anything particularly of note along the eastern edge of the map.


This office-type room in quadrant D2 is a good spot to take a breather. Rest in the corner and if anyone decides to come in after you, take them out. You can see all incoming enemies from this perspective.


Another ground-level building. Near the south of the map, there are fewer elevated platforms.


That makes the elevation that is available, like here in D4, all the more appealing.


This warehouse is another good hiding spot.


The rail yard at the extreme south of the map provides some cover, but is also highly exposed.


It's best to avoid this area.

Overall Tips:

- There are a lot of elevated staircases, buildings, and platforms here, so be sure to keep your eyes up at all times and also try to get to the higher elevations yourself. Because there's so many, it should be easy to scope out one that isn't already taken.

- The central area of the map is actually one of the safest because it is heavily guarded by tall buildings, trees, and miscellaneous objects like log piles and cars.

- The southern edge has less elevation so it's a bit less intimidating to walk around. It also has several buildings for hiding and planning attacks.

May 23, 2011