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Bruce Campbell marries Evil Dead

Evil Dead

Bruce Campbell is The Man. This much we know. But he’s just managed to rise even further in our estimations thanks to news that he will be marrying a couple during an Evil Dead Wedding.

Taking place at this weekend’s Seattle-based ZomBcon International, the ceremony will be presided over by Campbell as Nathan Dooley and Casey Russell tie the knot in full zombie costume.

Not only that, but legions of other couples who want to renew their vows will get the chance in a special mass ceremony following the wedding.

The event will be the crowning glory during The Evil Dead Smack Down film gala, which will be screening Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead with a new 35mm print, while the flick’s equally-beloved sequels will also be showing.

“This is fan culture at its best,” says ZomBcon’s producer Ryan Reiter. “The fact that Bruce just got ordained for this and the loyalty of his fans…

“I think we all realised that you may never see an Evil Dead Wedding ever again, it’s the ultimate pop culture kodak moment.”