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Bookworm DS review

Inferior to the free version


  • Original Bookworm gameplay remains intact
  • Lots of libraries to fill
  • Making a long word is exciting


  • No lefty flip
  • Some annoying touch detection issues
  • Inferior to the free PC version

For one, the stylus controls feel somewhat unresponsive, so that it's difficult to select letters in rapid succession, which is particularly unfortunately because it makes playing the two new modes, action mode and multiplayer mode, especially frustrating. These modes are supposed to be fast-paced, but we found that unless we selected each letter slowly and carefully, the touch detection would skip letters and mess up our words.

Worst of all, Bookworm DS is played entirely in the book-oriented position (like Brain Age), but THERE'S NO LEFTY FLIP. Rage! Yet another slap in the face to the left-handed minority by the right man who wants nothing more than to keep us down through aggregate stress via a vast, conspiratorial agenda. Well, the righties can keep this one – it's not that great anyway.

Apr 7, 2010

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US censor ratingEveryone
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