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Blooming Business: Casino trailer is like Animal Crossing meets The Hangover

Blooming Business Casino
(Image credit: Homo Ludens)

A new trailer for Blooming Business: Casino shows what happens if your animal guests over-indulge at the free bar.

Blooming Business: Casino is a management game where all of your guests and staff are anthropomorphic animals. Partridges stand behind the tables dealing cards, toucans pour drinks at the bar, and koalas, deer, and bears feed the slots.

The new trailer, which you can check out below, sees a mobster hedgehog show up at the casino and swiftly start causing trouble with a nearby platypus in a Hawaiian shirt. Unfortunately, their ruckus ends up with the tourist getting suplexed, but on the plus side that smart pinstripe suit is testament to the mobster's deep pockets, so manager Giovanni decides it's worth catering to his love of whiskey.

Setting up a handful of blackjack tables, Giovanni decides to encourage his new whale with a nearby whiskey bar, removing the price tag and adding some classy decorations to keep them at the tables. Unfortunately, the plan doesn't seem to work out exactly as planned, as profits are soon in freefall. It seems that everyone else has also been enjoying the free drinks, leaving many of them too inebriated to gamble, and Giovanni to pick up the bill.

Gambling and alcohol-related violence aside, there's an Animal Crossing-esque charm to Blooming Business: Casino. There's no release date just yet, but the game is coming soon to early access via Steam (where you can wishlist it), where it'll stay for at least a year while the developers release regular updates.

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