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Xbox One allows streaming of live television

Microsoft's next-gen console, Xbox One, allows users to stream television shows right from the interface. Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice president of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, showed OneGuide, an interface that allows for quick navigation of various television channels via voice commands.

OneGuide interfaces with your cable/set-top box, which needs to be plugged into the Xbox One via an HDMI-in port. It even allows you to build a custom channel stream, including options to local channels, HBO, and Comcast Xfinity (depending on the services you subscribe to). A partnership with NFL was also announced, meaning you'll be able to stream and interact with football games as they happen, though it's unclear at this time what kind of payment model will be required to use these services, or if additional fees apply to your current cable service.

We'll update with more news as we hear it.