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UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 review

Token update of FIFA 07 with glossy finish, yet we're still excited


  • Ultimate Challenge rocks
  • Fully-formed online gaming
  • Champions League license


  • FIFA 07 repackaged
  • Touchy shooting mechanic
  • AI is pretty shoddy

Ooh, we like that. Having just loaded up UEFA for the first time, we're greeted by the stirring operatic Champions League theme so familiar (for people who actually watch UK soccer, at least). God bless the FIFA series and its license-happy handlers - this is powerful stuff. Electric memories of pre-match excitement are stirred, atmosphere heavy and anticipation high. We suddenly need a bottle of Amstel - too bad the pesky folks on the train and bus frown on such public acts of alcohol consumption.

In reality, of course, we know that our excitement has everything to do with the might and majesty of the Champions League itself - the most passionately followed and angst-ridden soccer championship that's not called the World Cup - and very little to do with EA's hardly-anticipated update of the barely six months-old FIFA 07. But still, our initial shivers make us think that another game trading on the thrills and spills of the Champions League might not be such a bad idea after all, especially if it were to come packaged with some innovative new features and gameplay improvements.

More Info

DescriptionEA has botched the beauty of Champions League by simply repackaging FIFA 07 with minor tweaks and insubstantial additions. Good, but a wasted opportunity.
PlatformPS2, Xbox 360, PSP, PC
US censor ratingEveryone
UK censor rating3+
Release date30 March 2007 (US), 23 March 2007 (UK)