Ubersoldier II review

If you can’t make Nazi-killing fun, then you’re doing it wrong

GamesRadar+ Verdict


  • +

    Generous ammo drops

  • +

    Can attain godlike power

  • +

    Frenzied bloodbaths


  • -

    FPS cliches up the wazoo

  • -

    AI-challenged baddies

  • -

    Ugly animations and music

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The Nazi’s chief enemy isn’t your in-game persona, resistance fighter Karl Stolz - it’s carelessness. They’ve stashed enough ammo around each level for you to decimate the fourth and fifth Reichs even if you only hit one out of a hundred shots, making “spray and pray” a very practical tactic. And while baby-RPG stat-boosting elements, like XP rewards or invulnerability for scoring multiple headshots or melee kills within a short amount of time, could have mitigated things, they actually end up furthering the problem: While invulnerable, you’re rewarded for melee kills with XP you can use to goose up your health and the amount of time you can stay invulnerable. Eventually, cover and tactics become pointless - you can attain godlike power by running around battles waving your knife back and forth.

The frenzied bloodbaths are adequate, although the game’s graphics are as badly animated as the title’s single “big battle” musical theme is repetitive. The closest thing to physics you’ll see is a moving barrel or box, but there are some most-excellent comic book-style cut-scenes. If the rest of this Nazi shooting gallery had as much flair as its between-level vignettes, UberSoldier II could have secured an uber-spot at the top of the bargain bin. As is, it’s much closer to the bottom.

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PCG Final Verdict: 47% (tolerable)

Sep 30, 2008

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DescriptionThis WWII shooter's chock-full of genre cliches and low-production values. The animation's glitchy, the music sounds awful, and the AI is braindead. There's some fun in the god-like powers you'll gain but they also make the game stupidly easy.
US censor rating"Mature"
UK censor rating"18+"
Alternative names"Ubersoldier 2"
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)