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Two new trailers to scare you

Two new trailers – for Henry Selick’s Coraline and Ink, by newcomer Jamin Winans, have been shoved online that will terrify you in subtly different ways.

First up is Coraline, which for this promo is taking the unusual route of barely featuring footage from the film.

Nope, instead author Neil Gaiman – who wrote the book on which the movie is based – talks us through Koumpounophobia, or the fear of buttons with all the relish of Alfred Hitchcock introducing one of his thrillers.

Other Mother

Buttons, you see, feature heavily in the story, as they’re affixed to the eyes of Other Mother and the rest of the weird characters Coraline meets when she journeys through a small door in her new home.

Head over to the Borders site to see the trailer. Coraline opens in May.

Ink, meanwhile, is something completely fresh. Directed by Jamin Winans, it offers a blend of Terry Gilliam and Dark City as it unspools the tale of terrifying forces kidnapping a girl. We’d explain more, but we want you to experience this promo for yourself below.

Winans looks like a director to watch in the future…

[Ink Source: Film School Rejects ]