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Tweets Of The Week

Was Fringe saved by Twitter? Who’s being tracked by Dharma? And, er, what did Karen Gillan eat during her last ever Doctor Who readthrough? Find out in the latest Tweets Of The Week

Fringe ’s fifth, and final, season pick-up marks an important milestone in the future of sci-fi on TV. Fan campaigns have had their successes in the past (see: Jericho , Chuck ) but with Fringe it’s the first time that social media, and in particular Twitter, has been the driving force. You maybe remember a few months back we reported on the efforts of the Fringenuity campaign to get the show trending week on week, well this week their efforts paid off with the show renewed and Fox showing support for the fan community’s efforts by placing their chosen hashtag of the week, #whereyoubelong, at the bottom of the screen in place of the usual #Fringe. A clear vote of confidence from Fox and, an indication that networks now place more emphasis on (organised fan communities) than ever before. Of course there are a whole myriad of other factors to take into account: reaching the magic 100 episodes for syndication, huge DVR+ figures, lowered license fees and the exceptional quality of the show itself – prestige programming on a relatively middling budget – but there’s no denying that Twitter had a huge role to play. It may have given the world the Justin Bieberbot, but at least on this occasion Twitter done good.

@ JWFRINGE OFFICIALLY PICKED UP FOR 13 EPISODES! Our team thanks FOX/WB and our INCREDIBLE fans for their support. JHW/JP/AG

@ Jon_Favreau Congrats to @boborci on having #Fringe picked up for season 5.

@ radiomaru unbelievably pleased that FRINGE has been renewed for one last beautiful season

@ bergopolis Congrats to everyone over at #Fringe for getting renewed for a 5th season!! Even if it's the last, you get to end it on YOUR terms.

@ DAVID_A_SLADE YAAY #fringerenewed for final season 5 !! call me a geek and fuck off. Alright.

@ sutterink congrats to FRINGE for getting to finish a great ride --

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ ZacharyLevi Apparently, Dharma is up to something in Studio City. #dharmadoinwork

@ Markgatiss Very pleased to say I'm making a follow-up to my 'History of Horror' for BBC4: Euro Horror! At last 'Nosferatu' gets its due...

@ wilw It's going to be a little weird to be with the entire TNG cast, but not wearing a muscle suit or helmet hair. I feel strange, but also good.

@ KarenGillan2 So! Our last readthrough for doctor who ever! It was amazing and we had fish and chips throughout.

@ TimOfLegend I watched Game of Thrones for the first time on Monday. By Thursday I was completely caught up on the show. That's a lot of Thrones.

@ pattonoswalt I just saw THE HUNGER GAMES. Were I picked to compete, my skill would be "BLADE RUNNER trivia." #firstkilled

@ oliviawilde I will eat anything in pac man form.

@ danharmon was so depressed and dove so hard into Skyrim I FORGOT the show was on tonight. Looks like the first two zones are loving it, I'm glad.

@ radiomaru Here's a thought. If you want COLOUR SCOTT PILGRIM in the UK, tweet @FourthEstateUK and let them know. They published the UK's b&w editions!

@ DamonLindelof The weather in LA this week has been as consistent as the third season of LOST.

Many of you are yelling at me for insulting LOST. That is absolutely, positively and unequivocally... touching?

I have to bash the show occasionally as this is my coping mechanism. And now that I've tweeted it, I have to find a goddamned new one.

@DAVID_A_SLADE 48 fps issues people are not talking about - independent films that don't have the money to process twice the number of frames in VFX.

@ EddieMcClintock Hangin' at the @SYFY UPFRONTS with Jo-Jo! WAREHOUSE13

@ simonpegg I just realised, having initiated a new timeline, at some point in the future we're going to have to go back and get the whales again.

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